About the Journal

Estudios de Administración [ISSN: 0717-0653, e-ISSN: 0719-0816] is a double-blind peer-reviewed business Journal that has been published and financed on a semester basis by the Business Department of the University of Chile since 1994, created to provide an academic forum for Chilean and Latin American business academic community. Estudios de Administración publishes empirical research papers, methodological papers, systematic literature reviews, conceptual papers, case studies, and connection to practice articles in all business disciplines in both English and Spanish. Regardless of the type, all manuscripts will undergo a double-blind peer review process as a requirement for publication, if accepted.

Original manuscripts not previously published elsewhere, addressing matters of Strategy, Finance, Marketing, Accounting, Operations, Innovation, Management and Development of Human Resources, Organizational Change, Information Systems, Supply Chain, Entrepreneurship and Decision-Making, among other topics, relevant for Latin American business are the main focus of publication. We encourage authors to consider the following types of manuscripts:

Empirical research papers: Results of original research projects with empirical data analysis (qualitative, quantitative and/or mixed) associated with existing literature, and research replicas with consistent or non-consistent results.

Methods, methodological approaches and measuring instruments: Manuscripts presenting the use of different methodologies and the application of models in different contexts, as well as studies that validate measurement instruments, bibliometrics, meta-analysis, or verifications of experimental procedures, which can be replicated are welcomed.

Literature reviews: Contemporary articles that conceptually and theoretically synthesize, integrate or advance different scopes in business administration disciplines, particularly in Latin America and emerging countries.

Teaching cases: Educational cases that are of particular importance in the teaching and learning processes at business and management faculties.

Connection to practice: Studies that respond to the growing need for a greater focus on how business management and administration function, or on the way in which practitioners carry out their work in organizational practice. Research approaches such as Strategy-as-Practice (SAP), Marketing-as-Practice (MAP), Innovation-as-Practice (IAP), Entrepreneurship-as-Practice (EAP), etc. are welcome.


Sergio Olavarrieta
Chief Editor.
Associate Professor of Business.
University of Chile.